Friday, 19 September 2014

Kosee The Great returns with a killer ImpactTV session

Gives out sound advice, an update on where he's currently at and reps about half the town in the space of two and a half minutes

Hey good looking,

You might have formerly known him as Dosy Kosi or Yong Kosee (I reckon he's trying to outdo Snoop Dogg on the name change front), however the man currently working under the moniker Kosee The Great is back. And he's back with one hell of a bang.

Wearing a sweatshirt from his awesome new brand Shift Gang Clothing, Kosee took to one of the hottest rap channels in the Midlands, ImpactTV, to deliver this mammoth comeback session. It's clear to me just how much he's honed in his craft as a rapper, developing a controlled, unfaltering flow that's gone down a storm with ImpactTV's numerous followers and places him once again amongst the top young artists in local hip-hop.

He's also treating us to some free tunes, enlisting some of the other brilliant Northampton MCs like J Kaz and Izzie Gibbs for a series of short 'BlacKanvas' releases.

He'll probably have changed his name again by the time you get round to reading this but really who cares what he's called if the music keeps on sounding as good as that?

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