Saturday, 18 January 2014

The N Awards 2013 - The Results

I have to say I'm genuinely flattered (and a little bit flabbergasted) by the reception that these N Awards have received by the lovely folk of Northampton - especially considering that they mean, well, absolutely nothing whatsoever. Aren't I selling this well?
Anyhow 2013 has been an absolutely incredible year for Northamptonshire music (the best of the past three years I've been doing these awards if you ask me) and all the following bands and artists that both yourselves and I have found worthy of receiving the prestigious honour of an OBE (Order of Bedge's Excellence) truly are the best of the best of the best.

You'll just have to imagine the red carpet and over-indulgent speeches.

The Face Of Northampton: Dave Neurotic

Who wouldn't want to see that face at the very most forefront of this fine town we call Northampton? Something of a local legend, Dave's tracks range from the motivational to the hilarious - he even dedicated a entire song to his barmy hometown. On the regs!

2nd Place: Lea Stonhill

Presenter of the second best local music radio show that has the word Review in the title - The Band Review Show on Inspiration FM. Always worth a listen.

3rd Place: Stephan Stanton

Head of Skin & Bones Records, keyboardist for Knees, Post Cat Core promoter and general local music lover. Take your pick, he's awesome at them all.

Band Of The Year: Cousin Avi

"A flaming funk band loaded full of high-octane ardour and with the sizzling levels cranked up all the way to chargrilled." Click here to read full single review

New Band Of The Year: Adolphus Tips
"Adolphus Tips play with such ferocity that I'm almost tempted to take bets on which are going to shatter first: their instruments or their wrist bones." Click here to read full gig review
Solo Artist Of The Year: Jay Brown

"If the Northampton-born genre-fuser was expanding any quicker we'd need an airfield just to contain her pinky toe." Click here to read full single review

Album Of The Year: ACODA - 'Yours To Defend'
"The type of record that sends a surge of malevolence pounding through your circulatory system and fills your body with the sudden desire to obliterate anything and everything within a five meter radius." Click here to read full album review

Festival Of The Year: Northampton Music Festival

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