Saturday, 4 January 2014

Label In The Limelight: MTA Records

"Dedicated to releasing exceptional music across all genres" brag UK-based independent MTA Records, a statement that would make the label appear to be owned by the world's most conceited egotists if it wasn't so unarguably true.

Founded in 2009 by electronic producers Status and Chase (better known, believe it or not, as Chase & Status), MTA have spent the past four years uncovering and championing some of the most exciting, creative and original artists from across the musical spectrum.

Their assortment of excellence ranges from the bold, brazen beasts of British electronica - such as Nero, Redlight and Ben Pearce, not forgetting the CEOs themselves - to soulful gemstones like Moko or Louis M^ttrs. Joining these are the fresh, unprecedented future stars of UK hip hop, some seriously addictive deep house DJs and much more besides.

With the mounting success of Chase & Status' 2008 album 'More Than Alot' it was obvious from the label's conception that MTA's releases were going to make some sort of waves, however did anyone really foresee just how much impact those undulations would have?

Some of the very earliest releases included breakthrough records from Nero and Redlight; remixes from Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Knife Party and Wilkinson; and one of the most belligerent dubstep tracks I think I've ever heard: 'FRZR9000' by Björk-supported duo 16bit, who've since disbanded and now exist as The 13 and the astoundingly sinister Moody Good.

Another of the artists on MTA's seventeen-strong roster that I've found particularly impressive is the breathtaking Abigail Wyles - richly textured and really rather unique. Others include a spellbinding songwriter fusing soul, jazz and hip hop Elli Ingram, unique rapper Knytro, Massive Attack-inspired Moko and rapidly-successful producer Kove.

Chase & Status are, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest acts in current pop music and it's fantastic that they're willing to use this phenomenal position to introduce an entire new wave of guest vocalists, remixers and incredible signees.

I'm not saying for a second that you're definitely going to bowled over by absolutely everything, but with such a varied array of musicians there's well and truly something for everybody. Top work.

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