Monday, 17 June 2013

New Band of the Week #9: Loki

With the UK hip-hop scene ridiculously London concentrated, Loki's Glaswegian brogue is a rare and welcome variant from the usual Cockney slur. But be under no illusion, I'm not talking about some gentle Gerard Butler here; Loki is an infuriated MC who unleashes his rage as passion over monstrous hip-hop beats, fairground organ electro and everything in between.

Lyrically he ranges from reflecting on disastrous flutters with romance to more comedic numbers (mainly about his genitalia), all with unfaltering sharpness and contemporaneity. However what impresses me the most about this hugely underrated Scotsman is his work rate: nine records in the past twelve months! That's more than Wet Wet Wet released in their whole career!

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