Friday, 22 February 2013

New Name Same Brilliance, Illa Ill returns

If all had gone to plan, 2012 would have been the year that Northampton MC Illa Ill (formerly Ill Murk) sailed into the big time - with a music video on SB.TV, a place in the 1xtra playlist, even airplay from Radio 1's Chris Moyles - and yet for some reason HMS Illy barely even left the harbour. Rebranded, the SRE rapper has chosen hip-hop channel P110 to make his comeback on. And what a welcome return it is. Illa stays as fresh and unique as always, whilst his narrative lyrics are more expressionate than ever before. This, people, is why they call him 'The Illest':

But things don't just stop there. Only three days after his awesome Scene Smasher, Illa was back on P110 to "unload a bundle of lines" watermarked with the trademark 'Illy Confidence' about what life is like when you "ain't famous and ain't unknown, this is the inbetween time." So if his earlier freestyle was the succulent main meal I guess that makes Last Hope the equivalent of going up for seconds. Dessert anyone?

Update: 8th March 2013
The third instalment of what now appears to be a series of freestyles, The Parent Trap, is a link up with the second best local music journalist in Northampton (what do you mean who's the first?!) Keith Doyle from the brilliant LF8 Music. But don't be fooled by its whimsical jazzy beat, the story told on The Parent Trap is one with harsh reality behind it, and one that it breaks my heart to say is far too common no matter town or city you live in.

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