Friday, 11 January 2013

Mixtape Review: Ceasar - While We Wait

"My flow hits back like Bruce Lee with nunchakus" boasts Eclectic Eyes MC Ceasar in the introduction to his latest mixtape While We Wait. "Have a career spanning longer than Bruce Forsyth" he wishes for on track two! In fact, over a backdrop of jazzy and soulful blues, Ceasar narrates an array of social and personal struggles (one song even taking the form of a conversation in a confession booth) until... WHOOOAAARR!!!!!!! A sudden injection of energy in C's Is The Weapon sees While We Wait ablaze with East Coast-style enormity before the mixtape concludes in an anthemic, forward-thinking finale. Ceasar in an aritst with so much to say for himself, and While We Wait is merely the beginning.

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