Friday, 11 January 2013

EP Review: Hana Bushnell - 2012 EP

Released as a free download bright and early for the new year: this is nineteen year old guitarist Hana Bushnell's new 2012 EP. Yes, the name is a tad confusing (unless, of course, you've somehow discovered the secret to time travel and are reading this from twelve months before the EP came out in which case it makes perfect sense), however by the time the beautifully delicate melodies and ska-infused acoustics had kicked in to be honest I was too busy loving it to care!

Although Hana isn't the only one with an EP out at the moment, no siree. The drummer of her so called "Band of Bushnell" Aaron Burbidge has been hard at work on his own gorgeously gentle record titled In The Right Hands. Wearing its modern acoustic influences and a multitude of starry-eyed emotions bare on its sleeve, it's clear that both in the Bushnell Band and on his lonesome Aaron Burbidge is a remarkable musician indeed.

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