Monday, 31 December 2012

The N Awards 2012 - The Results

Over the past six weeks you lovely lot have voted in your masses, and now it gives me great pleasure to reveal the musicians Northampton has been most adoring and most proud of this year - the winners of The N Awards 2012!
Band of the Year
Following countrywide radio play, featuring in a Bleep Records compilation and a stunning new single, those incredible electronica chaps have scooped themselves the well deserved title of Northampton's Band of the Year
Solo Artist of the Year
Billy Lockett
Looks like that UK tour supporting Nina Nesbitt has all paid off. Congratulations Billy! Next year's gonna be phenomenal for him, trust me.

New Band of the Year
Jubilee Courts
With their debut EP expected some time next year (as well as a feature slot on the highly anticipated Northampton Under Glass Part II) I give you Northampton's favourite new band of 2012: Jubilee Courts!

Album of the Year
New Cassettes - Winterhead
UK conquered, now looking to crack America. New Cassettes' second record has been an anthem-packed summer-soundtracker all year.

Song About Northampton of the Year
Hussla D - Hometown (feat. Ill Murk)
Taken from the Jah Troopers founder's first solo mixtape Fistful of Dandymite - "That's where most of our friends would be, that's NN1 and NN3 plus NN2 so my NN4 but the NN5 was our enemy," and the NN family has decided they love this tune.

Star of the Year
Right so with that beautiful pain in the rump known as hindsight maybe it wasn't wise to give ten different options to vote for on this one. I can only assume the tie is down to the fact that there was so much incredible Northampton success to celebrate this year that it was just impossible to choose any one stand out. Still, there was one dancer in particular who turned more than a couple of heads in 2012...


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