Friday, 23 November 2012

The Y Factor 2012: Blastphemy

Gigging dressed as pirates, penguins and in spangly gold hot pants, heavy metal five-piece Blastphemy (formerly The Algebraic Beat Orchestra) have combined their unrestrained energy and dedicated passion for thrashing to bubble and froth up into this barbaric-sounding hardcore band, complete with an entourage of costume-clad clan members. Imagine the love child of Megadeth and The Village People and you won't be far off!

When they perform Blastphemy rage, the solos are monstrous, however away from stage there's a commotion occuring that's just as exciting; as soon as they've organised studio time the band plan to record their first EP together - a belter you can guarentee. So in conclusion this is an ear-splitting thrash band, with an obsession for good beer and good women, and not exactly the most PC lyrics in the world. I wouldn't introduce your granny to them any time soon!
Forthcoming: Playing an incredible all day showcase at The King Billy on Sunday 25th November
Guilty pleasure: Girls Aloud ("and women!" chirps in Ollie)

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