Friday, 23 November 2012

EP Review: Let It Die - Let It Die EP

A talon of lightning crackles across the land, as the tolling of a bell beckons the unwary to deep inside its cavernous soul. This is of course the venomous carnage of Let It Die - three of Kettering's most brutal hardcore artists - and by the time the first blackened guitar chord rumbles into life, the point of no return has long since passed behind you.

Can you feel your knees knocking? Are your palms sweaty? Is their an ominous brown smear down the back of your undercrackers? Well there's good reason for it anyhow. Released on limited edition purple seven inch, Let It Die's eponymous EP is a cataclysm of a record that the band have lashed to its charred, skeletal bones. And that's not the half of it. The 7" has been made at an assaultive speed, bitten into by the fires of fury, and beaten to a purple vinyl pulp that can only be described as, well, flippin' immense.

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