Friday, 27 July 2012

Somebody's making a Happy Racket at The Bantam tonight...

Who doesn't like being really happy? And who doesn't like making a right old racket? Now imagine if you could combine those two in one exciting exclamation of acoustic folkness. Well, thanks to upbeat dance-a-long melodies of new local quartet The Happy Racket, you can! The indie boys are performing at The Bantam on Saturday (27th July) alongside The Operatives for a night  to be avoided at all costs by anyone with even the mildest case of dance-phobia, and also specialise in tennis equipment for the under fives.

They may be called The Operatives but I wouldn't even trust this band to amputate my little toe! We can however rely on the incredibly inventive four piece to redefine versatility for the county, instead of albums producing insane musical Milk Trays full of in your face punk, fiery rock 'n' roll, brutal heavy metal, hip-wigglin' ska and funktastic grooves. It's rare these days to find a band that's been together seven years and can still remain as fresh and innovative as ever, but Matt, Ali, Deon and Alex still have so much more to give (namely their second album out some time soon).

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