Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sixteen men on one mammoth of a Dead Man's Chest

Whoooaar!! Formed in good old Northampton on "the sixth day of the sixth month 2006," Bartosz, Peter, Radha and Andy are the four beastly members of the hardcore machine of violence that is Dead Man's Chest. After a monster of a four track demo drew the band a bucket load of attention, the raging savages were signed to North Carolina label Seventh Dagger in 2011 for the release of their debut CD Hateline and an awesome bit of merchandise alongside it. And from that album comes the evil five and a half minute epic Summon The Strength.

Just like the rest of Hateline, the slaughterous record sees a beefier sound to Dead Man's Chest, erupting from your speakers with an angry, snarling brutality. Everything about the song comes encrusted with a sense of doom: from the impeding instrumentality to the apocalyptic lyrics, made even more amazing by a firey music video released only the other week. Naming the likes of Slayer, Cro-Mags and all that amazing heavy metal over the last twenty-five years as influences, the journey of Dead Man's Chest is one to flourish for long to come.

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