Saturday, 7 July 2012

Northampton is SoSo Blessed with Tera-D's new up and coming label

I'm unsure exactly what's brought it on but all of a sudden it appears that Northampton rap star Tera-D has had one massive musical tazer up the backside. I mean he was never a slacker to begin with but over the past few months I doubt the man's even had time to sleep: the almighty return of Relik Mobb, organising a huge under 18s music competition and then, to top it all off, his YouTube hip-hop channel SoSo Blessed TV's phenomenal evolution into a record label dedicated to helping some of the youngest talents Northampton has to offer.

The Plan B to Threatz and Brandz's Chase & Status, tongue in cheek MC Leo Robinson (too cool to bother with any pseudonyms or stage names) brings elements of grime, hip-hop and dubstep together for one beefy sound. Sticking with the C&S analogy I guess that makes Lucy-J the Delilah of this underground collaboration, with more deep bassy tunes to come...

Having exploded out of nowhere in April, this fiery grime artist is brand new to the Northampton rap scene and yet he already seems to be making enemies wherever he goes. Punching any rival who dares to cross his path with a destructively hard uppercut, whatever happened to a good old bit of peace and love, eh?

I don't know what it is but something tells me Trappy-T might be a tincy bit of a Rick Ross fan! Sampling Ricky's beats, using the Maybach Music tag, even calling himself a "self-made boss," SoSo Blessed's deep dark social commentator adds his chilled-out blissed-up slant on a crew that might otherwise might go sterile on a grime overdose. Altogether three very exciting, very different new artists for rap fans to watch across the county - SoSo Blessed is on this thing!

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