Sunday, 1 July 2012

N'HANTS ST★R OF THE MONTH: getting dental with My First Tooth

If it's not their critically acclaimed debut Territories released on Alcopop! Records in 2010 (with a follow up due any time soon), it must be their slot opening the Glastonbury Acoustic Stage on the Sunday last year that puts My First Tooth up with the likes of New Cassettes as one of the biggest indie bands from Northampton today. Brimming with folk-pop energy, the two-boy two-girl country quartet blast out summer-coated melodies and acoustic harmonies to entice you into the midst of their jaunted hoedowning madness. If guitars, violins and harmonicas could wag their tails with glee, it really wouldn't sound too far off.

However this is 2012 - the coming in of a new year start and the going out of the old - and the time spent skipping around the green fields of Pilton are but fond memories as the world is gripped by the painful misery of Ed Sheeran and his heartbroken army of guitarists. Wrong! MFT are just as strong as ever: making a surprise appearance on Channel 4's soap opera Hollyoaks as part of a village fete and now competing for the chance to open Green Man Festival this August. So what are you waiting for? Get straight over to and let's get our Northants bands back on the festival circuit once and for all!

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