Friday, 6 July 2012

MTGM - it's not Oracular Spectacular, but these Kids have an Electrifying Feel, no Pretence

I've mentioned this channel very briefly before, however being my favourite thing on YouTube at the moment (yes, there are other videos besides cats "epically failing" at jumping off garden walls) Mark The Game Media have fully earned proper Bedge Music recognition. Fronted by grime MC Outzaudio, MTGM is an amazing showcase of all the young talents around Northampton and Birmingham; bringing out their level best through the means of collaborations and rap battles, their innovation putting MTGM head and shoulders above the majority of our county's freestyle-based channels. So far there's nothing to rival Smash Down TV's All Star Remix of Woy Yoy but I'm really looking forward to seeing wherever this project is taken next.

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