Friday, 6 July 2012

Listening to RaTLa G's mixtape? That's hardly a Punishment

One of the main MCs for drum 'n' bass DJ ShockerRaTLa "Genius" G (no, not a mistake with the Caps Lock button, it's just how he spells his name) is far from shy of the odd collaboration. In fact, you'll rarely find him doing anything else! When he's not spitting and tripping his explosive bounce over the latest dub banger with Eezee and Lynx, RaTLa's out making deep and foreboding hip-hop with Arkane, Dirt M'grit and Ricky East of the incredible Anecdote Authors - almost never failing to sound massive.

I'm slightly confused about exactly what's happening however, from my Sherlock Homes-esque deductions, RaTLa's second solo mixtape Punishments drops later this year, its chilling underground beats, huge thundering anthems and soul-infused head-boppers looking like they'll make some pretty big waves across the county. Hopefully I'll have more info for you closer to the time here on Bedge Music but if not make sure you keep it locked to Skratch and Mazza every Thursday on Inspiration FM because, when it's finally out, the Punishments LP is gonna be awesome!


  1. big up for the blog heres my email maybe work together in the new year. RaTLa

  2. yo fam hope ya gd new mixtapes here