Friday, 13 July 2012

Indie band Party In Paris become official certified Stalkers

Unbelievably only formed last year, heaps of awesome guitar riffs, heartfelt lyrics and more hooks than a professional angler have made Party In Paris one of Northampton's favourite undiscovered talents. Starting out as an acoustic side project for two ex-members of the raucously awesome UK77, local label Stalkers Records has snapped Party In Paris right up to join Presley Johnson and 36 Keys in their exclusive yet awesome repertoire (where they expect to grace us with a debut album early next year).

Taking a rockier turn from their usual acoustic route, the band have chosen the name of Failure Man for their latest demo (always the optimists!) to wet our tastebuds for future material, an upcoming music video and, of course, the pinnacle of it all, that aforementioned debut album with Stalkers Records. Well I don't know about you but my tastebuds are virtually drenched; fed on tightly-packed anthems loaded with crunch and ravenous for more. And so, armed with as many self-branded stickers as they can cram in, the four continue to rise, party by party, until the day they fulfill their title's destiny by finally rocking out in the City of Light itself... Or at least that's the idea anyway!

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