Thursday, 14 June 2012

JJ Stone & The Campfire - Superheart: the super sounds of Superheart sending super chills up my super spine

From what I've seen there appear to be two categories of which a band must fill one to release on the hands-on Serious Types label: either starting to break through to the UK scene (e.g. Sharks, Decibels) or have the most preposterously ludicrous name possible (e.g. The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band - although said paediatric contractions are getting a fair bit of countrywide success as well). Americana musician Julian fits snugly into the latter, as JJ Stone & The Campfire he can boast an uplifting ditty in the middle of Bekki and Gary's debut compilation as well as his very own five-track EP of lusciousness.

Originally planned for some time in April or May, the slightly overdue record showcases the many sides of JJ Stone, JP Brook, Joel Harries's little sister Nina and one-third of the Furious 55s Luke Palmer (although technically two-thirds because JP Brook is also a member and ... oh all this communal cross-band stuff does my head in). Stripped back, harmonious folk finesse with feel-good melodies; it's got all the elements of a brilliant country EP.

The openers Branch n' Fig and Death Will Come have the feel of a traditional campfire songs (who doesn't remember those alternative Ging Gang Goolie lyrics "I'll drown my darling in the river" from their Boy Scout days), journeying through the misery of The Devil & His Evil Ways to the joyful chords of Love, Love, Love before rounding off with Zebra & A Lion, so minimal it almost sounds acapella. With both JJ Stone and Kenneth J Nash in their repertoire, this is just one of the many amazing reasons to keep the goings on at Serious Types firmly in your sights.

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