Friday, 15 June 2012

72% Morrissey - EP2: 23% rock, 5% noise, 100% awesome!

The follow up to, umm, 72% Morrissey 1, amplified monsters Joel Harries, Josh Ryan and Joe Brown return with another beastly record. Ten minutes of lethal hardcore and destructive instrumentals, the trio have slightly diluted the pure noise in some cases to showcase a more structured rock 'n' roll sound (well, as structured as you can get from a band who were quoted to say: "one of our favourite things is to find strange 'guuuhh's at the end of songs like Breed by Nirvana").

So for the first time ever you've got a smattering of 72% Morrissey that won't render you completely and permenantly deaf for life - just with head-splitting migraines for the next twelve years!

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