Saturday, 12 May 2012

SoSo Blessed Under 18s: showcasing our hottest young urban talent

On Thursday 17th May, six of the most talented teenagers in Northampton will be battling it out at Fiddler's on the Wellingborough Road from 6pm-10pm to win a HD music video, photo shoot and t-shirt from Tera-D's SoSo Blessed TV. I will hopefully be scampering around getting interviews for Bedge Music (a nerdy blogger in a crowd of uber-cool rappers ought to go down like a lead balloon!) so make sure you nip in when the show properly kicks off at 8pm to see the music showcase that I am calling The Y Factor's hip little brother.

Leo: the Plan B to Threatz and Brandz's Chase & Status, freestyle MC Leo Robinson has come on leaps and bounds since I first heard him in January. Lyrically insane, his flow has elements of hip-hop, grime and dubstep fused into one beefy sound.

AQ: born in Amsterdam, Addeel Qureshi is easily the steadiest rapper in the competition. Where many chose to take the nasty route he opts to go into the deep, underground side of grime, with a chilled out kinda coolness.

Emma P: a momentary break from the hippity-hop to bring you a refreshing new singer-songwriter with a real soulful folk talent. She's been online since December last year covering everyone from Ed Sheeran to Diana Ross, and has now taken to writing her own acoustic little ditties. Emma recently signed to indie label Loose Change Records with the gorgeous Hana Bushnell and together they are two of Northampton's most exciting young female guitarists, tipped for bigger and better things in whatever county they end up. Playing with so much more emotion than you'd expect from a fifteen year old, I know for sure where I'm casting my vote.

Young Treebz: aka Young Treebie, aka Young Trebor, aka Young Treebizzle, aka Lewis Williams! But ignoring his confusing case of multiple personality disorder, Treebie Treebster's got a brutal, bassy, banging flow that west MK should be looking out for in the next few months.

Ali Nntg: already one of the maddest producers in Northampton, this dirty underground rapper achieved Channel AKA's most viewed video for two weeks running in 2011 for his grimy anthem Bop To The Beat. Recently, however, he's been experimenting with gentle melodies of Bhangra: a truly versatile artist out there doing Northampton proud.

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