Saturday, 12 May 2012

BBC Introducing In Northampton Tracklist: 11.5.12 with One More Year and the 1980s

This week Natasha delves into the archives of the 70s and 80s to explore what music was like in Northampton during the punk glory days and mmediate post-punk era. One More Year pop in for a bit to promote their brilliant new EP and if that wan't enough there's a sneak preview of Joel Harries' new album too.

Alex Gordon - Light It Up

Zola - Karate Christmas

Joel Harries - Exist (EP out next Friday)

Ahead of their EP launch this Sunday, One More Year are live in the studio discussing Will's stalkerish obsession with Natasha, why the EP's taken so long to come about and how attached the band really, really aren't to each other!

One More Year - Winter's Heart (track three on The View From Where We Stand)

Ash Centi - I Hope You Don't Mind

The Casual T's - I'm This Note (played Sounds of the Campervan last night)

The Border Fires - Eyes All Over Me (you can download it for free right now)

The Moons - Double Vision Love (out on Schnitzel Records on 25th May)

Jake Gamble - Falling, Falling (Huw Stephen's Tip)

A nostalgic trip down memory lane to our 70s/80s heritage, an era proving very popular today. A Renascence that saw a lot of exciting things happen in a very short space of time, Alex Novak of record store Spiral Archives calls it. The boom in experimentation saw a rapid transition of punk to synth in only two or three years, revolutionising music in a way not seen since the late sixties.

And nowadays we're in the middle of a revival; White Elephant Records remastered the Northampton Under Glass cassette onto CD last year to celebrate 30 years since its release, a compilation of the ten biggest and best punk bands Northampton had in 1981. With a Blitz night at the Lamplighter and a 70s/80s Northampton Facebook group growing in popularity, it's fair to say that we can look forward to a future full of reliving timeless classics, remembering forgotten memories and rediscovering some of the bands that might just have passed us by the first time round.

Party In Paris - Everything Changes (supporting General Fiasco this Thursday)

The Lovely Eggs - Food (Lancastrian band playing at Anguish Sandwich's EP launch tomorrow)

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