Friday, 25 May 2012

Indecision Overload: The best alt-club duo in Northampton. Or are they? No they are, maybe...

Consisting of funky jazz pianist and saxophonist Jason Warrick, professional drum teacher Alex Biggs and featuring the vocals of the mysteriously mononymous Hollie, Indecision Overload released their brilliant Evolution LP in August 2011, and it's a must own for any of the county's old school dance fans. Fifteen tracks of everything from big room 90s-style house to ice-chilled drum 'n' bass to a grimy hip-hop banger featuring J-N-R and Rikochet (can I believe my ears, a J-N-R song that doesn't end in either a fade or an over-ampified gunshot!). With hopefully some more collaborations on the way, keep your eyes peeled for Indecision Overload in a nightclub near you.

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  1. Check out our website for more details and to see the video to this track.