Friday, 4 May 2012

Eb Hill: she would write an anthem, but opted for something even better

After what feels like hours trawling the irritatingly spacious cyberworld that is the internet, I've eventually tracked her down. Following her interview on BBC Radio Northampton the other week, luscious folk singer-songwriter Eb Hill's infectiously tongue in cheek lyrics have been firmly lodged in my brain, with the bittersweet irony that I haven't been able to find her anywhere ... until now! Nowhere near as depressing as Owen Kimberly-Penrice but more indie than Charlotte Carpenter, her DIY Starting Songs demo (written, performed, recorded and produced in her bedroom) eases you in gently, before taking a more upbeat turn and then, finally, going out with a climactic bang. She might only be a college student, but I'm predicting big things inside Northants for this one.

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