Friday, 4 May 2012

Dubnutz: the grottiest dubstep you'll find anywhere in Northampton

Sublow Substep: deep and nasty, this guy's been DJing from the age of only nine and just turned his hand to producing fatally dark bass music. With fans varying from London's Bass Blog to (and check this if you don't believe me) local blues harmonicist Silverfox Johnson, his tunes have got more wobbles than Jelly On A Plate! The odd Moog riff wouldn't go amiss though.

TS Beats: currently just experimenting with loops on the old FL Studio, he's got beats that'll send chills up your spine, desperately screaming for a thwomping, sub-heavy wobble bass to give it that extra spice. Is it only me who really wants a Sublow Substep vs. TS Beats collaboration?

D90: the least filthy member of the crew has tracks full of funky synthesised basslines. Polite enough to let the listener actually dance to his music (unlike Stephen and Tom who insist "no I will physically assault your ears") I cannot beg him any more to just be brave and submerge himself in the brilliant world of ambient post-dubstep, not just dip his toes in at the shallow end.

I don't claim to be an expert in the dubstep field (I don't claim to be an expert at anything for that matter) but, as a listener, my advice not solely to these three but to wannabe Skrillexs everywhere is this: treat your songs like the ride Oblivion at Alton Towers. The best bit is, as everyone knows, not the drop itself but the build up and anticipation as you edge towards it. And in the same way the thing I most look for in a dubstep song is an intro that hooks me in like a helpless salmon and gets me ready to enter the merciless destruction that follows.

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