Saturday, 28 April 2012

BBC Introducing in Northampton Tracklist: 27.4.12 with J.P. Brook and 36 Keys

To round April off Natasha has J.P. Brook with Lightning Joe, Quincey Brown and the rest of his now-titled Unstoppable Lightning Chiefs live in the studio. My 2012 is completed by 36 Keys' phenomenal news about an upcoming mixtape: CANNOT WAIT!!! And there's also new tunes by Tarana Odella, Crows and the best non-Flux/Trolley/Gold&Oct local dubstep producer I've heard all year.

Tarana Odella - Run This (feat. Nikitta and Young Kye)

Veins - 1992 (one-third Marcus from MidiMidis)

Primer - Dawn Skyline

J.P. Brook is in the studio just before his Labour Club gig with the other worldly Celtic harpist Quincey Brown. No longer The Make Me Feel Good Band, Brook's now named his supporters The Unstoppable Lightning Chiefs after Lightning Joe of Julian Stone and Organised Rhyme Family joined. "Do you ever get confused in the middle of a set and forget which band you're playing?" Natasha dopely asks. To which Joe replies "No, because one of them's hip-hop and the other one's country music."

J.P. Brook - The House We Don't Live In Any More

Howlin' Hootin' Owls - Howlin' Hootin' Owls (played Labour Club with Real Live Owls, bit of a theme here isn't there!)

Crows - Loose Morals, Looser Hips (to be avoided by all suffering from headaches or migraines)

Atlantic House - Paper Walls (playing Beat Connection on Thursday)

Flatlands & Garage Flowers - Animals (Huw Stephen's tip - short but sweet)

A verrry interesting chat with political funk and reggae band 36 Keys, talking about the power of music, conveying a lyrical message and not just being your everyday "girls and drugs" band. As makers of alternative music they say you should certainly give them a chance even if it's "not your kinda thing" so start getting used to this unusual sound because I'm already all over these boys like a rash.

Signed to Stalkers Records, the band hope to release two mixtapes in 2012: one of them soley devoted to collaborations with local Northampton talents to stay new, fresh and different. It's going to have all the top urban artists, all the top bands and all those weird and wacky musicians who do something completely different from the everyday riff-raff (please Celtic Rasta, please Celtic Rasta, please Celtic Rasta).

36 Keys - Smiley Culture

Quincey Brown - Answers On A Postcard (not really feeling it (joke: she's amazing))

Heavy Hearts - Take Some Time (on show next week)

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