Saturday, 21 April 2012

BBC Introducing in Northampton Tracklist: 20.4.12 in anticipation of Record Store Day

The day before International Record Store Day, Natasha has a chat with Andi Witt and Josh Astrop from the new Northants Record Club as well as some of the other massive record heads present on the night. We're also introducied to Eb Hill and there's some brand spanking new tunes from Bilal, The Incidents and Kaw-Liga.

Council Kids - Waitin' For You

Decibels - Rubber Dinghy Rapids (made the final ten out of thousands for a compilation)

Bilal feat. Raxstar - Scream Out Loud (20,000 YouTube views and counting!!!)

A chat with all the vinyl nerds meeting up at Record Club to share the saddest songs in their collection. Billie Holiday, The Smiths, Nirvana (sheesh, is this a record club or a self harm support group?!) and many more sorrowful tunes are brought out of the archives for a massive record geek out. I didn't go but if I had I reckon it would have had to be the heart-breakingly tragic Jeff Buckley. I recommend this club to any record fan in the county.

Audrey Ryan - Lost & Lonely (Natasha's sombre new discovery)

The Rough Guide - Patterns (ahead of their Lab gig)

The Incidents - Little America

Kaw-Liga - Back On Track (supporting The Milk at The Roadmender in June)

Bringing out an interview from last year with Alex from Spiral Archive and Chris from Spun Out about the importance of Record Shops for discovering, sharing and enjoying music personal to you and not just using a music shop that's more like a supermarket (cough-HMV-cough). From club nights that play nothing but vinyl we have Clash Radio's Pete getting all nostalgic about The Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen.

Bubbly folk artist Eb Hill introduces herself this week; a DIY artist who lets her pen flow before recording in her bedroom (well, you try writing a song after you've recorded it!) and using her musical expertise to mix it down. I can't play you any of her stuff because it's not online however, if she does decide to release an EP, which I think she should, then it's certainly something you should listen to.

Eb Hill - Anthem

Strangers - Shine On You (loving this proper old-school sci-fi music video)

An Army Of Lights - Hide and Seek (on tour over the next few months to support the single)

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