Sunday, 4 March 2012

Plan B: name in some way implying that he's second best?

"Oi! I said Oi! What you looking at, you little rich boy!" There's no Heart FM-friendly Plan B on this new single. When Ben Drew came out with his second album The Defamation of Strickland Banks he'd hit the nail on the head with his jump from underground to mainstream. But, like all artists, Plan B has a duty to all those fans who first heard Cap Back on pirate radio, who went out and bought the likes of Kidz, Sick 2 Def and his It's Time 4 mixtape and who went to his gigs around Forest Gate and throughout East London. Well he's serving that meal up right now in the form of Ill Manors, serving it up piping hot, and boy are you going to want to go up for second helpings.

Plan B told the world it would contain lyrical depth, heavy basslines and hard-hitting hip-hop; and he never fails to deliver the goods. The beats on Ill Manors are virtually lethal, the rapping full of so much bitter anger it's unreal. He's captured the mood of pretty much everyone under the age of 25 in the UK who doesn't have the equivalent of Buckingham Palace in their bank accounts (i.e. non-rich snobs) and engraved it into 3 minutes 45 of the most violent but honest rap I have heard in ages.

Because lyrically Plan B is discussing some serious pressing issues that need to be dealt with. The way society and the media abuse young people just because of what they wear and the area they live in, the people who've had to move from their homes, lose their friends and start a brand new life for the sake of some stupid sporting even leeching away at the British economies and of course the lack of society's understanding and toleration of young people that led to Summer's riots.

Yes he's talking to all of you politicians on about "Broken Britain" and the people who've gone and lapped it all up. "Schools out, rules out, get your bleeding tools out." Well maybe if you hadn't gone and closed their Community Centre they might not have to. And the parents not doing enough mollycoddling or holding the hands of independent young adults as they try to make their own way through life? Cos that's gonna give them the skills needed to apply for the millions of jobs that aren't available at the moment!

This isn't a revolution - revolutions very rarely work - but Plan B has added fuel to a street movement around the capital and throughout Britain. Standing alongside Dizzee, Wiley and the Roll Deep crew, London is on fire at the moment. Okay, the UK grime scene is so skewed towards the capital its unreal and that is something that I'd like to see change immediately but on the other hand, Plan B's iLL Manors film coming out 4th May for which this is in the soundtrack to me looks like it'll go down a storm this year. Forget The Hunger Games and all that cheesy American rubbish, along with Shank, this is the next generation of Karl Marxs and George Orwells that truly influences the politicians of tomorrow. Plan B is the future, get used to it.

Update 9.3.12 - Ill Manors music video is out now, and it is looking AWESOME!!!

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