Friday, 16 March 2012

Northamptonshire Dance Producers & DJs: the hottest electro beats from our county

The Producers

Zizany: an eighteen year old trip-hop gem, producing underground chilled-out beats filled to the brim with late night echoes, soft jazz vibes and a gentle groove that slithers its way into your ears and spooks your inner being to a trance of absolute bliss. It's that sort of downtempo ambience that makes you want to go straight to sleep and yet grips you so hard that it's impossible to drop off until you've heard the very last fade at least three times over. Nice to know I'm not the only nu-jazz Northampton nerd!

Official-Ingenuity: this Kettering based funky DnB producer has got a good few tracks online and his vibes are sounding sick. Pounding together deep basslines, trance-like beats and garnishing it off (actually need to stop comparing producers to chefs cos it makes me hungry) with some fancy sounding synth pulses. Sometimes he goes in filthy, other times he'll leave it lighter; versatile, unpredictable but always exciting to follow.

The Sheridan Clinic: to me the Jack Beats of Earls Barton, Jay Sheridan has recently released a couple of mainstream electronica tunes with a dark bassy edge. Dropping like shares in the Royal Bank of Scotland, these sound like they would go off in a disco and I pity the boring old sod who doesn't find their hips at least swaying when these bad boy grooves start jumping out of their speakers. If you need something local to get you in the mood for a Friday night: voila.

Mint-o: literally only heard about this guy half an hour ago on The Weekender but this beat maker has been up to some awesome tricks behind my back. He darts around from vibesy jungle riddums to deep dubstep screamers, then to liquid trance head bangers and back to the jump up DnB again, without batting an eyelid. Clearly influenced by the 90's in both Ibiza parties and clubs closer home, I admire anyone who refuses to play by the rules like this dude does.

The DJs

Shocker: armed with his crew of MCs, DJ Shocker mixes down DnB with so much speed it's like there's hot coals attached to his feet. As his hands fly across those decks, the beats and basslines that fly out are jam packed with raving absurdity that have people everywhere on their feet, busting a skank and just absorbing the underground tunes. Man goes IN!!! And I don't know what it is but there's something about spitting over drum 'n' bass that pushes rappers to the limit of their abilities: sometimes they'll crumble under the pressure but when it goes right then boy is it siiick.

Braxton: one of the big things I stand for on Bedge Music is multiple genres and that is Runninzz FM's DJ Braxton in a nutshell. Mixing everything from original jungle records to ninties garage tunes to modern day hip-hop and grime. He takes the legendary old-school beats and the great new-school hits, shuffles them together and comes out with an upbeat cocktail you can't resist but shake your pelvis to. And he's got the talent to pull it off too; introducing classic tunes from back in the day to the youth of 2012 in between the recent songs they find familiar and know well as one huge urban education from one of Northampton's best DJs. Keep up the good work Braxton!

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