Thursday, 15 March 2012

BBC Introducing in Northampton Tracklist: 9.3.12

Presley Johnson are live in the studio messing around and talking about rubbish (as all the bands do) and The Snakeman 3 escape from the mental hospital to see Natasha. Plus news on Y Factor and Twintown festival. Busy show, great listen.

Karl Philips & the Midnight Ramblers - Dangerous (Bioviolence remix) (on tour now)

Decibels - Rubber Dinghy Rapids (single launch next week plus big fans of this blog so I like a lot!)

Natasha reveals the bands selected to play Twintown festival as Presley Johnson, JJ Stone & the Campfire and The Snakeman 3. Twintown, for anyone who doesn't know, is where a load of bands get together from all the towns Northampton is twinned with and go play in each other's countries and basically make everyone realise what a waste of time lyrics are.

A crazy chat with The Snakeman 3, featuring heavily on the mad SFX. They chat about beards, badges and being "International Globe Trotters." P.S. they're a bit weird...

A talk with Kirsty Crawford about last Saturday's Y Factor. If you wanna hear some sad fan babble on about The Y Factor until it drives you to insanity - you've come to the right place!

Sofia Benhayoun - Your Song (last year's Y Factor winner)

Party In Paris - We Fly Kites

Blacklight Pioneer - Porcelain

Mr Beasley - Wrong (Huw Stephen's tip - Happy 10th Birthday BBC Introducing in Humberside)

Natasha chats to Presley Johnson about a new upcoming album this summer, new members Alex and Andy and a tour of Marburg, Germany.
Presley Johnson - My Muse (B-side to Anita's Last Dance)

The Fallen Leaves - Trouble (performed with The Snakeman 3 last Saturday)


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