Saturday, 24 March 2012

BBC Introducing in Northampton Tracklist: 23.3.12

Natasha is joined by Lal Muttock (anyone want to hear my limerick about Lal Muttock?) for an "Urban Spesh". There's talks with the multi-talented monstrosity that is Ceasar, local bass remixers Goldlock & Octagon who, can I just say, have a very lovely PR lady and brilliant new MC/guitarist Drunken Master. There's also exclusive stuff from our DnB trio A Dominant Species, emcee J Kaz and DJ crew Silent Code.
Decibels - The Lesser (out this Monday - supported by Steve Lamacq)

J Kaz - Count On Me

Colt & Merlin - Play This Anywhere

Lal has a chat with dubstep duo Goldlock & Octagon about support from MoS, finding their own sound and all the remix projects they've been up to. A few small names Sugar Hill Gang and Beverly Knight were thrown up when discussing the debut album. Sheesh Louise!

Goldlock & Octagon - Every Breath

Fraxure - Simon Says (Grab Your Sax) (Huw Stephen's Tip)

Silent Code - Spell Bound

Introducing Drunken Master: influenced by rappers like Big L as well as folk guitarists like Dylan, is working with Innit Records and he mentions his upcoming album but doesn't really saying anything much about it apart from that it should be awesome.

Drunken Master - Scallywag (Live)

A Dominant Species - Take It Down Low (Dom Almond Remix)

The second part of Lal and Natasha's interview with Ceasar that covers name checking pretty much everyone in the county who's ever touched a microphone, touring Spain as an actor, working with a load of bands, loving jazz (well who doesn't) and a collaboration with 36 Keys.

Ceasar - Tribute 2 NPT

Code500 - Red Flag (EP launch next Friday)

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