Saturday, 24 March 2012

Acoda - Acoda EP: the best metal you're going to get anywhere in Northamptonshire

Since their formation in 2008, DIY metal band from Corby Acoda have won Red Bull Bedroom Jam (which local band Escape These Eyes are participating in this year), performed at Download, Sonisphere, T in the Park, Underage and Hevy Festival where they headlined one of the stages and gone on to gain support from Kerrang! magazine and Radio 1's Daniel P Carter: two of the biggest influences on the rock scene today.

And now those four metal heads from the Midlands have gone on to release their debut self-titled EP. Are you sitting comfortably? Well you won't be after hearing this! Not one of these four monster tracks doesn't contain the dirty riff power to knock you lights out, a choke-holding cacophony of guitar shreddage, drum poundage and vocal torment. The torturous musicianship those poor instruments have to endure should be made illegal to say the least! Be warned, pressing play on the Acoda EP will leave you laying on the ground, battered, bruised and bleeding, but with an unfightable and overwhelming need to hear it again several times over, and then the massacre will start once more.

Saying that, Acoda aren't just a jumble of noisess with "good vibes" or that "sound interesting." They've clearly thought out a direction, a goal, a target for the year ahead. Conquering Northampton you say? Please, they did that a looong time ago; Europe is the next target on the agenda (right before "WORLD DOMINATION!!!") and, if they keep their performances consistent, release more material as epic as this and have a bit of that thing with overall power over the music industry known as Luck, Acoda could find themselves on a stage at Tuska Open Air a lot sooner than they think. And look, they've already got an A at the end of their name so the Italians should have no problem with pronunciation.

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