Friday, 3 February 2012

The Organised Rhyme Family: Flows? Where we're going we don't need flows!

You may have heard me raving about the Huey Newton EP in my big thing on Northampton hip-hop around December time last year. And now he and the rest of his crew: Eastcoast and MB are back with their fifth mixtape, fifth! It's up now on The Organised Rhyme Family's BandCamp page called Back To Face The Music and has not only given me a chance to rave about the best rap group in the Middle of England but I can also show off my incredibly sad knowledge of Back To The Future quotes. So strap yourself into the DeLorean and zoom through TORF's amazing latest LP.

In the words of Marty McFly this is heavy; sixteen songs of super heavy, plutonium powered hip-hop with extremely relatable underground lyrics over bizarre, street-influenced late night jazz and blues beats. But it's absolutely amazing. The flux capacitator it all runs on is the gigantic collaboration track - Coalition. Featuring all three of the boys plus Diz Mack of our other trio Council Kidz and an emerging MC and producer by the name of DK that I've got my eye on for 2012 after his Smash Down TV freestyle just after Christmas.

The brass on this song is something else entirely and then when the rappers kick in it so shouldn't work but it so does. Two of my favourite sounds from two very different eras together as one awesome group. Who could ask for any more?

The Organised Rhyme Family are creating waves at the moment in the local area and are pretty, pretty close to making it into the UK-wide scene. Despite not creating the conventional 88mph hip-hop that seems to be the big thing these days, our US influenced threesome are looking set to start off a fairly big ruckus in the next couple of years.

Honestly, Back To Face The Music is by no means their best record but if they keep on going like this then look out Uncle Joey, you'd better get used to these bars.

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