Sunday, 26 February 2012

Jessie Ware (Disclosure Remix): the next big female RnB popstar

Jessie Ware is a name that’s been floating around the club scene for some time now. She’s featured on bangers by the likes of Joker, SBTRKT and Sampha (I reckon there’s a clause in her contract that clearly states “only allowed to work with the most exciting producers possible”). She’s basically the more underground version of Katy B, if she likes the sound of a DJ she’ll try her damn hardest to work with them. And 99% of the time it more than pays off.

Recently, however, with the release of the beautiful stunner Strangest Feeling, Jessie Ware has gone from an excellent dance vocalist to a certified RnB heart-melter in her own right. House don Julio Bashmore has produced the second, more soulful single Running, from her untitled album with Dave Okumu from The Invisible out in the summer, and let me tell you: it is an unapologetic pop gem. Utterly gorgeous.

And enter stage left Disclosure. The melodically flavoured brothers may only be in their late teens but they’ve already been brewing explosive concoctions of luscious techno, mind-boggling future garage and deep, dark dubstep. They’ve just completed a mammoth evolution of mainstream electro world of a tour and after learning about chillstep from the man who does it best - SBTRKT - the South London brothers have upped their game even more on this brand new remix of (guess who) Jessie Ware! See, I do plan these reviews before I write them . . . sometimes . . .

Jam packed with funky basslines, late nineties garage vibes and hand-in-the-air drops, Disclosure have taken what was already a pop tune by Jessie Ware, stripped it down further and drizzled it with precisely the right amount of party beats, taking great care not to overegg that pudding.

As a scene, dance music is going full circle. Old school house four-piece Azari & III have gone from strength to strength in the past few years and can add Madonna herself to their list of loyal fans and supporters. Dubstep producers like B Traits, Rusko and the legendary Nero have all been rediscovering the bassy, underground garage roots of their genre whilst maintaining their modern day sound and perhaps my favourite new band last year went right back to the string compositions of the late 1700's and gave it a unique hip hop twist - the incredible Clean Bandit collective. But there’s only room enough for one track and that song is from The 2 Bear’s unbelievable Be Strong album, a bizarrely melodic 21st century calypso tune that goes by the name of Time In Mind.

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