Sunday, 22 January 2012

Scuba: beats deeper than the RMS Titanic

For the most part of 2011, Eats Everything was that inescapable name; everywhere you looked Entrance Song or The Size was being busted out somewhere. But we're now in the strange new world of 2012 and there is a new name that keeps cropping up here, there and everywhere: Scuba.

This London based electro producer has been making a couple of waves (think of it more as a big splash) for the past six months with his track Adrenalin however I found that, however good it was, the main focus seemed to be on making a commercial banger that would promote his name and not an extraordinary tune. Underground fame secured, Scuba is now free to experiment with the worlds of deep house and dirty bass to his heart's content, and that's exactly what he's done.

The Hope is the name of his latest extravaganza and is literally like nothing else you'll ever have heard before. That bassline isn't just filthy, it's verminous! Scuba has transformed from a half-decent house producer to one of London's most exciting new musicians in the blink of an eye. The Hope is utterly genreless - a little bit house, a little bit dubstep, a little bit techno, even a little bit grime. And that's exactly why this tune has been played across the board by the likes of Pete Tong, Annie Mac, Rob Da Bank, Gilles Peterson (where I heard it first), Benji B, Edith Bowman and Mistajam.

And I haven't even started on that monstrosity of a drop. BOOM! It's a crazy jumble of synths, wobbles and bassy vocals (vocals that strangly remind me of one of my favourite ever pop songs: Ain't Got No by Nina Simone) going off at every set he's playing in the next month at Manchester, London, Bristol, Leeds and Nottingham as well as around Europe. If you live near any of those places then make sure you check out this guy because he has mega skills unmatchable by most of the usual chaff you hear played on these specialist radio shows.

I really want Scuba to go global in the next few years and I'll admit that that statement alone is a massive curveball that would seem odd surrounding even bigger names like Madeon or Joy Orbison. On the other hand, my philosiphy is that it's healthy to throw the odd curveball now and again. And, anway, he thoroughly deserves it.

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