Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Hype, Ripe and A Load Of Tripe: from indie electro to rule-braking metal

As a proud and dedicated Radio 1 and Guardian follower, I must listen to over two-hundred songs a week and, frankly, I can't review them all. Here are five tracks I heard over the week and think I should share with all of you guys.

HYPE - three up-and-coming artists I'm getting really excited about

Circles: from the heavy, post-hardcore city of Melbourne, Fearne Cotton's favourite new prog-metal band is making a racket all over the Australasian continent and show no sign of stopping. Their debut E.P. is a stand out WOW! record that blows you away with its indestructable guitars and completely and utterly mashed-up drums with massive pop vocals over the top.

No Ceremony///: the next Jamie Woon has just been discovered, as a mysterious chillwave producer/s making some of the best ambient dance music I've heard in for ever. Having drawn on influences from all corners of the electronic music spectrum (oxymoron of the century) the brand new Hurtlove is a milestone for future beats fans worldwide. Genre - unclassifiable, like every amazing song should be!

My Best Fiend: as the creators of the soundtrack to everyone's life, My Best Fiend should be given a round of applause for coming up with something so unwriteaboutable as Cracking Eggs. This is just a sublime folk / blues / indie / rock / guitar / alternative / equipment-heavy tune from an equally as brilliant album that screams Big Pink to every beautiful, raw music bone in my body.

RIPE - an old-school record that's still sounding fresh today

A LOAD OF TRIPE - a truly, truly dreadful song that I never want to hear again in my life

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