Friday, 20 January 2012

Badly Kept Fish: they had(dock) better win The Y Factor

As I'm now the "first unofficial-official blogger" for Northampton's Y Factor competition then I think it would be a pretty good idea if I was unbiased. However, this does not bode well with my usual one-sided self and so I will make this statement: Badly Kept Fish are the very best band from the very best competition from the very best local music scene. And I'll stick by it.

The Fish now join a club formerly made up of only Ill Murk (who, quite rightfully, currently sits on the 1xtra Playlist) to have had two reviews on Bedge Music and as they're still making the great, energetic indie pop rock that they did before then why ever shouldn't they? Consisting of teenage wonders: Angus, Ollie, Callum and Francis, this four-piece have the skill to create a guitar-heavy racket wherever they go.

As the next generation of must-see Midlands bands, you won't be surprised to hear that the concerntration has shifted from number of gig attendees to number of Facebook friends. So, yes, it's a sad farewell to the days where the emphasis was more on live music but, on the other hand, my breakthhrough band of 2011 are posting Twin Atlantic quality masterpieces online that make you just wanna dance about uncontrollably. And it's not like they don't perform either. Seriously, I'm surprised Badly Kept Fish are yet to have some sort of Belieber-style clan following the way they're going. No, actually, I think I'll be the first ever Shrimplet! What do you think?

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