Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The N Awards: all the winners of 2011 in Northampton

It seems like a millennium ago that I first put it up but the results of The N Awards are now in. In hindsight it would have been a better idea to choose artists and bands who've been properly massive in the last year or so and not just the ones I've reviewed but, hey ho, you can find out about most of them in my Northampton's Finest feature I did all last week in the run up to Christmas (Francis Jetty I promise you'll get a shout next year). But now I'll stop beating around the bush and get on with the winners.

Best Solo Artist:
Katie Malco! The not really Northamptonian singer has caught many eyes with her  E.P. and won't stop. However much an Ill Murk fan I am, you cannot deny that her mellow tunes are world class. If you want a more Midlands based act then why not try out Charlotte Carpenter or Hannah Faulkner who are equally awe-inspiring female singers.

Best New Band:
Badly Kept Fish! This was without a doubt the hardest category to judge but in the end I decided that I would judge it on how good they sound now and not how superb I think they'll be in a few years time so the indie punk band can go celebrate to a good dose of Blink-182 because of everything new out there, they sound the best.

Best Established Band:
To Bury A Ghost! A group that truly send shivers up my spine, as I've gone so soulful this winter I have to make them number one. And they're fans of the blog as well so I love them even more for that. This music is so creepy and so addictive that I'd best warn you - keep your wits about you or the instruments will just swallow you up and eat you whole.

Best Producer(s):
Gemini/BEAT Exporterz! The hip hop, dance and pretty much anything you can think of production crew have been gradually gaining speed in the rest of the UK and should be ready to start emerging at any minute. They've already done some great mixes and it now looks like the multi-talented group will be hitting the clubs big time with their energetic masterpieces, together or otherwise.

Best Venue:
Labour Club! Andy Skank's much acclaimed venue has been the victim of many legality questions and now needs our support more than ever. Discover all your favourite new talents there, have a great night out and just enjoy yourself but please, if you live close, go because I can't even begin to imagine the drop we'll have in our music scene if we don't.

Best Local Music Radio Presenter:
Lal Muttock! The crazy urban Introducing man sure gives me a good laugh and, even though I love Tash to pieces, I anticipate the hilarious hip-hop specials when the two of them meet, play all the best tunes and create local radio gold.

Face Of Northampton:
John Oldham! After what can only be described as fixing (cheating) from the rest of the band, the Anguish Sandwich bassist is this year's Face of Northampton. You may be wondering why I chose him from the threesome. Well, I'll tell you: because he shares my devilishly good looks. That's right folks this is a stand for boffins, nerds and specky-four-eyes everywhere. Viva la specticals!

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