Friday, 30 December 2011

J Kaz vs Audiio Narxx: Northampton's two best young rappers

Two rappers I'm tipping for big things in Northamptonshire have just had a big fall out. J Kaz (who, despite having a very young sounding voice, spat his verse quicker than most of the other rappers on the Woy Yoy remix) claimed that he and this other Young Starr guy were the hardest teenage rappers around town however Audiio Narxx of the G13 crew disagreed. This escalated through the social media world and it ended up with fans of both boys asking for clashes and sends. Personally I couldn't give a toss about any of this but it means we're getting some amazing songs in terms of sends from both sides of the battle.

J Kaz is one very talented vocalist. His Gotta Get Da Cash single from the Starrt Of A Craze mixtape is fast, fresh and fantastic, pounding out the verses like there's no tomorrow. Yes, he's a pretentious big-head who wouldn't have got himself in all this trouble if he had a bit more humility but give him a break; he's only fifteen yet he has the skills to become a major player in the rap and grime game as well as already having met Sneakbo. That's not something to be sniffed at. The beats on this thing are also a grime work of art so emerging new producer Luke Conibear aka Twisted Pro. is also getting one mammoth of a pat on the back for that dirty baby.

Audiio Narxx on the other hand is a bit slower where delivery is concerned but barely pauses for breath on his Smash Down TV freestyle, firing out the lyrics one after the other to create an up-to-date, urban, streetwise hit that got him on to the radar of many of Northamptonshire's big dogs. The rap lover within me absolutely connects with this and only wishes that there would be some kind of breakdown to promote a further range of Narxx's mad skills and versatility. Trust me when I say that he has much more to offer and, if he isn't held back, he has the potential to go in so much harder and make a much better tune. This certainly isn't the last you've heard of him by a long shot.

As I've said before, I honestly couldn't care less about this disagreement but if the competition means that our young musicians stay on their toes, carry on making interesting music and maybe even give us a sound clash or two then I would say that it's actually quite productive. As long as it stays to the music only.

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