Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Hype, Ripe and A Load Of Tripe: in which a man dons a cow's head

As a proud and dedicated Radio 1 follower, I must listen to over two-hundred songs a week and, frankly, I can't review them all. Here are five tracks I heard over the week and think I should share with all of you guys.

HYPE - three up-and-coming artist I'm getting really excited about

The Safety Fire: a heavy, destructive hardcore band that many rock fans (including myself) will have heard of before but are now due to smash it big time with their new album out next year. Huge Hammers is a mental breakdown of rock that still maintains certain subtleties in between.
Twin Falls: real name Luke Stidson, Twin Falls creates sad, sombre, indie tracks with his beautiful guitar and relaxing voice. The BBC Introducing playlisted and extremely honest Janie I Will Only Let You Down has the power to move many across the UK and all over the world.

Trigganom: the West London dancehall rapper with vocals lower than a bassoon is tearing apart the underground black music world. Despite working with three massive names: Toddla T, Trim and Skrufizzer he makes the best contribution to The 2 Bears' Work by a mile.

RIPE - an old-school record that's still sounding fresh today

A LOAD OF TRIPE - a truly, truly dreadful song that I never want to hear again in my life


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