Wednesday, 21 December 2011

An Army Of Lights: Northampton's finest indie rock folk band this year

In my eyes the best band to make it big from Northampton recently, the beautiful indie guitar band An Army Of Lights are a fusion of Maccabees rock and Fleet Foxes folk. The acoustic four piece harmonise with their soothing guitars and gentle voices to take their sound a step higher from your average indie pop. Chris, Chris, Dan and Lewis should be proud to be members of such a masterpiece.

After their self-titled debut E.P. opened the doors for NME recognition and UK wide gigs in 2010, this year too has been huge with the release of Battles and their latest smash Hide & Seek. A new album is due out some time next year from the minimalistic magicians so keep your eyes and ears peeled around the blog-o-sphere and on for everything you need to know. Our tastebuds are wet and I'm certain the band can more than deliver.

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