Friday, 11 November 2011

J-N-R: Juicy New Rapper

Northampton-based rapper J-N-R is one of the most freshest, honest musicians of the moment. His latest E.P. is called 1989 and gives us an up close and personal view into his life. Hood Life is one of the tracks on the record; it's an extremely relatable tale of the economic troubles that affect us today. The lyrics are so true and delivered with so much emotion that it's impossible not to fall in love with it. Completely down to Earth and nasty, again J-N-R shows off his underground talents.

It's also one of the only songs from the E.P. that he produced himself, and he did it heavy. He's got a bit of stuff with guys like Rickochet and Levante but this is 100% him and you can tell. I personally feel that the emotional connection you get to certain songs is almost like a drug - this is a perfect example. He's made such a strong beat that, even without the lyrics, you can tell exactly what he's feeling. Such an incredible skill to possess.

But, being Armistice Day, we must be reminded that however much we moan about today's money troubles, we could all be so much worse off if it wasn't for the men and women who have laid down their life to protect our country and those who continue to serve today. From World War I to Afghanistan: we will remember them.

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