Friday, 14 October 2011

Stagecoach: because - life is, like, ... a jouuurney

No, no matter what the title suggests, Stagecoach aren't a load of drugged up hippies left over from the swinging sixties; they're actually a fantastic fun fivesome from the greatest town of them all - Northampton. Obviously they're not as cheesy as I just described (although they are still a bit cheesy) because they're a loud, energy-packed pop rock band who can add Hugh Stephens to their list of fans and not Steps or 5ive or something like that.

What's more they may have done the funniest interview ever with local lad Jack Parker on his Secret Admirer blog. Yes you've got the average "How was Stagecoach formed?" and "Where do you see Stagecoach heading in the future?" but I don't think I've ever seen an interview gatecrashed by the band in question's mad drunken fans before. For example have you ever known anyone to say: "I like your Hawaiian shirt. I want to bring them back but I don’t have a Hawaiian shirt to wear.  If I did! I would bring them back. Like I’m bringing this back. (makes a hand gesture of some description) And “F2F” and “If destroyed still true” but I don’t have the Hawaiian shirt to bring them back yet. So I’m working on it." Brilliant!

And when you've finally stopped belly-chortling then you may be interested to know about this Jack Parker. Well, last Friday, Tash gave him his own Introducing show to play what the hell he liked and to introduce us to a load of new bands we had never heard of. It's so amazing to hear all this new talent coming through and I will definitely be scouring the interweb for up and coming bands to play to you. And then maybe I'll get a radio episode of my own...

P.S. yes I am making a big push on my punctuation.

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