Sunday, 30 October 2011

Mastodon: greatest rock song of the year

You've heard a lot of good stuff this month: Young Guns, Lostprophets, Band of Skulls, The Prodigy/Foo Fighters and Gallows. But this tune just blows all of them out of the water. I know it was out months ago but the track is timeless, just like the band. Mastodon's Curl Of The Burl has got to be the best rock song released this year. Fact. End of. No buts. Don't agree? Go somewhere else. Mastodon. Mind-blowing.

Oh my gosh I actually don't know where to start. Brent Hinds' and Bill Kelliher's powerful guitar lead might be a good place; I don't think anyone's ever played that particular instrument like they do, providing bucket-fulls of sludge with those unique deep dark chords and then something like twenty-seven hours of reverb at the end. Puts Dave Grohl to shame.

Then there's Troy's heavy, heavy vocals. Everything about the man screams "BASS!!!" Don't get me wrong I like Panic! At The Disco as much as the next person but it's the harder, more substancy metal that really gets me going. And Mr Troy Sanders has got that down to a t. He belts out those awesome lyrics with his incredibly gravely voice in a way that very few rockers have truly mastered (most take to yelling their head off).

What's more, Brann Dailor can pound out his destructive drums of doom with enough energy to shake the Earth off its axis. If there are any niceties or fluffy bits in this song then I certainly can't find them. It's pure, hardcore metal at its best. Mark my words, Mastodon's name is going down alongside rock legends: Salt-N-Peppa, Ke$ha, all the greats.

The Hunter is the band's fifth album and there's no way it sounds old or parodical. Quite the opposite, Mastodon are sounding as fresh as ever. See, taking a break before releasing your next album does work. And if the boys hadn't done that then we wouldn't have that hour of epicality and I'd be forced to review Cerebral Ballzy or something like that (not that that would be a bad thing). Make sure you snap up tickets fast for the UK tour February next year because they're selling out fast. It'll be a night you never forget.

So that's the end of Rocktober. Have a great Halloween tomorrow everyone and enjoy the final two months of me finding new music, finishing off the year nicely and giving my hot predictions for 2012. Time really does fly, doesn't it.

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