Friday, 28 October 2011

Korrozion: pounding it out (and only 14!)

Despite its name, The Y Factor is actually nothing like Saturday night entertainment show The X Factor; it happens in many counties, it's youth music only and, most importantly, it actually produces some real talent. You might even have a Y Factor near you and, if you do, I strongly recommend that you go an discover some underage talent in your local area. And our Northampton Y Factor has given us these boys - Korrozion - the fourteen year old fivesome kicking up a very adult storm.

Every time I've heard them played on local radio the reaction has been exactly the same: Sam, James and Matthew sound very mature on their guitars, Harrison has a very grown up drumming style and, when James' voice finally fully brakes, the band'll sound like they've been making a ruckus for twenty or thirty years. It's probably all the amazing heavy metal they listen to (Metallica, Bullet, Zepplin etc). So if you're in a band of any sort then start listening to and covering songs by people who make similar music to you so you, like Korrozion, can have a really developed sound to your music. Did I mention they're only 14?

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