Friday, 16 September 2011

To Bury A Ghost: better not get nighmares

Melancholic. The word sums To Bury A Ghost brilliantly. Because that's what they are; an eerie, art rock (why do those two words keep cropping up all the time on this blog), Radiohead-esque three piece from the East Midlands. You just know that anything musical related to ghosts is gonna haunt you for the rest of your life. More than likely you'll read this, look at the pictures, listen to the music and completely forget about it. And then in a few nights time you'll be in bed trying to remember what that awesome band was that you read about somewhere on the internet. So make sure you save this to your favourites because this band sound even better the second time round. It's just too much to take in all in one go.

Here's their stunning new single, Dancing With Epileptic. And it's called that so anyone trying to blog about it spells epileptic incorrectly and gets flagged up by the grammar checker. Thanks lads! But oh my gosh will it get under your skin. Forget Tim Burton, these boys can create so much more atmosphere with their collective ability to be singers, pianists, guitarists, glockenspielists, laptop-ists, bassists and percussionists that it'll just blow you away. Just don't get the heebie jeebies.

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