Sunday, 18 September 2011

Mord Fustang: someone's had their dubstep today

Mord Fustang is a wicked synthy electro house and dirty dubstep producer from Tallinn in Estonia. His nasty new song A New World is absolutely amazing. It's the kind of record that would have a club raving but doesn't sound too commercial. This guy loves his wobbles. But it's heavy, late night, extreme stuff that really should come with "keep out of reach of children" printed on the side.

So why has it been used in the new Weetabix Chocolate Spoonsize advert? Because 2011 has been a massive year for dubstep. From being a genre only listened to by a handful of the population to something that even your gran knows, it has grown and grown and grown. Last year I remember a load of rap fans ecstatic that Yeo Valley had a hip hop advert but that was a nice, fun, happy song and now we've got over ten million tellies blaring out heavy underground electronic dubstep every Saturday evening. X Factor take a bow.

Let's have a closer look at where dubstep really is today. Apart from being used in a Weetabix advert, DJ Fresh and Nero have both taken the genre to number one in the singles chart and we've got the likes of Magnetic Man, Chase & Status and the Mercury nominated Katy B producing top ten singles left right and centre. Off the top of my head Skrillex, Modestep and Flux Pavilion have all been Radio 1 playlisted and of course Skream and Benga are part of In New DJs We Trust. If you take your mind back to 2003 you might remember John Peel really getting into dubstep and then Mary Anne Hobbs three years later but now the big three (Zane, Annie and Jam) are all really into it and it makes listening so much more enjoyable.

I remember doing a post in my early blogging days when I used to write a big block of text and make certain words big so people could skip through (haven't things changed) on whether or not rock music was dead and how it's now dubstep and blah-de-blah-de-blah and I remember saying how great it was that Katy B's album got to number two and now look at Britney flying it off to the USA for Skrillex to take on board with his Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites and it just going boom. Is seven 'and's in one sentence a few too many? But with Foreign Beggars on the original EP and then about a billion DJs remixing SM&NS on the second release, it's clear he's getting a lot of love.

So since I started this blog we've seen dubstep go from a few albums doing quite well to Mercury nominations, major number one singles and albums, an American boom and a Weetabix advert. I guess in five months I'll have to see where dubstep is again (nah I think 2012-13's all gonna be about the Moombahton). But there is absolutely no way I can write about dance music and not dedicate it to DJ Mehdi who we lost on Tuesday. More extraordinary talent gone to waste.

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