Saturday, 24 September 2011

Fishmarket 3/3: what's gonna happen?

However much it saddens me to say it, Northampton's Fishmarket will be being used as a new bus shelter and not an art gallery as it it has been for the past five years. The Northampton Arts Collective are trying their hardest to find a new building but that's proving to be an uphill struggle. However the current building is freezing cold in the winter and it has a leaky roof so no one ever goes in the winter anyway. Hopefully by the spring they can take over one of Northampton's other brilliant buildings everything will be hunky dory. Nothing will ever be able to replace the brilliance, collectivenesss or quirkiness of the Fishmarket building but the art, the music, the spoken word will live on! And the other thing is that they're trying to cram as much good stuff into their last few days as possible so get down there quick.

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