Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Incidents: The hottest new pop rock band from Northampton/Leicestershire

If your looking for some good sounding music from some good looking guys then check out The Incidents. The specky one on the left is the guitarist Sam, the one in the brown shirt is the drummer Harry, the floppy haired one is the bassist Henry and the one scratching his bum is the singer Alex (the local lad). I can't decide who I like more: Alex because he's from Earles Barton or Sam because he's a geek like me. And also, as musicians, Alex's vocals are needed to pull the band together but Sam's guitar riffs seem very prominent. Sorry Harry and Henry but I'm not even considering you.

But instead of sounding like a teenage girl gossiping about The Wanted or JLS I'll get onto the music. To Be Young is the band's biggest hit. The first thing that strikes me is, for a teenage band, they sound really mature. It's the Arctic Monkeys but without the Yorkshire accents. The band have created a catchy little tune that makes you wanna get up and boogie. Or at least tap your foot. That Harry knows how to work them drums. I can imagine this blasting out of the speakers of anyone with half decent music tastes up and down the country. If you like The Fratellis then get to YouTube or Sound Cloud now.

Their newest song isn't on YouTube but Sound Cloud does have it. It's all about being posh and is called Posh Boy. Okay "I'm just a posh, posh boy a p-p-p-p-posh, posh boy" isn't the most imaginative lyric ever but the song's great. They've gone a little bit less pop (I'd say dark but it isn't) on this one but the catchy melody and lyrics is still there. It's Sam that stands out most to me on this one. That's a cracking guitar solo.

The Incidents are a hot new indie rock boy band who, even though most of their scene ended five years ago, can still churn out contemporary hits teeming with energy.

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