Friday, 15 July 2011

Friday Download

I've decided to change the format of Download a bit. Before I just used to recommend songs from the chart update but everything bar The Horrors is rubbish so I decided I would do the update and the ones from last Sunday (including genre specific). I know that a) the feature finishes in a fortnight and b) I'll probably change it back again next week but I'm unimpressed with the amount of terrible pop music going about so, record bosses, sort yourselves out. And now Charttery; I give you five numbers between 2 and 20 (plus the bonus ball which is always 1) and you guess at what will be at that place in the upcoming chart. The first five balls are all worth ten points and the bonus doubles your score but is worth nothing so if you get nothing on the five normal numbers but correctly guess the bonus ball then you still nothing because zero doubled is zero. And, fingers crossed, by then Google will have sorted out their comment boxes and we will all be able to play together rather than on your own. But here's the new-ish songs you should download this Friday:

3. The Horrors - Still Life
A good move to slow rock from an established punk band (see Life ... Still for more)
2. Wolfgang Gartner - Illmerica
Great vibes made here from yet another musical Wolfgang, doesn't need vocals.
1. Linkin Park - Rolling In The Deep
A wonderful cover performed at this year's iTunes Festival.

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