Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ad Sheeran

Meet Adrian Piggott, he's a singer/guitarist from Kettering who's currently studying in Aberysthwyth. Unlike all the other local artists I've told the world about I didn't hear about this guy from Introducing. No, I know his mum. Is this biased? Yes, very. But he's really good.

His cover of Ed Sheeran's The A Team (which I'm a massive fan of) I consider to be better than the original. It's got more substance and is a little less la-de-da. It's a great cover with a bit of a rocky edge to it. Trying to act cool for the ladies are we Addie? Taking the pink tape off your guitar and tidying your room'd improve the image a bit more. I won't even start on the hair. But the cover's great.

Now to what I want to talk about, Eighteen. Firstly, unlike most artists that can't afford to hire a crew of 174 to decide how many generic cliches to add to their song, the chorus isn't a three word phrase repeated over and over again with some scrappy verses around it. It's a well constructed, professional song that'll get your foot tapping. No he's not the next Benjamin Francis Leftwich but it's a great indie pop song nonetheless. Seriously, get this guy into a studio; the acoustics in an attic are appalling. Anyone got any album names? The Diary of Adrian Piggott Aged 18 3/4? But please don't do that Adele "I'm only 21 but look how good I am" thing. Love you really Adele.

I'm waiting for the follow up Adrian man. Chop chop.

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